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    Heather Woodward, Rachel Woodward and Alexander Pawlak are talking about the movie, Noah, and how he was a prophet.

  3. Book Review: Intuition and Your Sun Sign by Bernie Ashman →

  4. Book Review: Intuition and Your Sun Sign by Bernie Ashman

    Book Review: Intuition and Your Sun Sign by Bernie Ashman

    By Ann Houghton

    Llewellyn Press 2014

    I really wanted to read this book because author Bernie Ashman noted “You don’t need to have an in-depth understanding of astrology to make this book work for you.”

    Well, it is absolutely true. I have only a superficial understanding of astrology and not only did I not need prior knowledge but I learned some things. The book may seem daunting to those who…

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  5. Lonesome Town Part 1: Patient Zero

    Lonesome Town Part 1: Patient Zero

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    Lonesome Town Part 1: Patient Zero

    By AleXander S. Pawlak

    A small meek wagon pulled by a single horse makes it way through the plains. The hot Arizona sun burns down on the occupants, the Lazarus family. The parents who sit in the front dressed in typical clothing of the 1880s befitting the style of wagon, both are dirty from the dust blowing across the desert floor. The wagon squeaks and…

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  6. 5 Steps to Transition Out of Your J-O-B Into Profitable Tarot Business Telesminar →

  7. Why Raising Your Prices is Not Enough.


    In the wonderful world of service-based businesses like coaching, reading tarot or any kind of metaphysical practice, we get told all the time to raise our prices so that we are charging what we are worth.

    [Tweet “Your price reflects your value. So, how much do you think your worth?”]

    If your pricing does not reflect your intrinsic value then you are seriously undercutting yourself and the…

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  8. Tarot Card - The Empress

    Tarot Card – The Empress

    by Rose Luna


    The Empress is the #3 card of the major arcana cards. She is the embodiment of Love, Passion, Sex, Feminism, Creativity, Abundance, and Elegance. This card is ruled by the planet VENUS. Venus aka the ‘Goddess Aphrodite’ is known for her power of Love and Sex. She is the ultimate sex symbol and a delicacy for all who lay eyes on her.

    The Empress is your “go-to-gal” for motivational…

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  9. Mandatory Fun

Well he did it.  Weird Al Yankovic posted 8 music videos for his new album in 8 days.  

    Mandatory Fun

    Well he did it.  Weird Al Yankovic posted 8 music videos for his new album in 8 days.  

  10. Nathan Fillion at Phx Comicon


    So at this years Phoenix Comicon was special guest Nathan Fillion. For those few of you who do not recognize this name he is currently Richard Castle on ABC’s “Castle.” For those of you who are familiar all I need to say is Captain Mel. As part of his panel he gave a watch away to everyone who asked him a question, and when he ran out of watches it was bottle of water, and when he ran out of…

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